Happy. Thank You. More Please.

I spend about two hours in my car every day, driving to and from work. To pass the time (and keep me sane) I listen to podcasts. In one such podcast, the host spoke about a new concept she was welcoming into her life. Every time something happened that she felt grateful for she would send a message to the universe: “Happy. Thank you. More please”. It is apparently a movie title and that’s where she got the idea from, and I love it. Acknowledge when you feel happy, and offer a moment of appreciation for it. And while you’re there, just ask the powers that be to send a little more your way.

Gratitude is very much in fashion at the moment. Everyone seems to be talking about it and there are multiple versions of hashtag grateful on social media. So why is it such a big deal?

Studies have shown that people who exercise consistent gratitude practices reap a multitude of benefits, including better sleep, stronger immune systems and feeling more joyful. Apparently, taking time out to say ‘thank you’ for all the wonderful things in our lives is actually good for our health! Who would have thought.

I’ve really been trying to work on gratitude this year. Of course, I feel grateful for so many things that I have in my life. But sometimes, you need to acknowledge gratitude for the small things as well. Maybe you heard your favourite song on the radio and it put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Maybe you made a particularly good cup of tea. Maybe it just felt really delicious getting into your PJs after a long day at work. Normally we overlook these things, but actually, these are the things we should be expressing gratitude for. When we take a moment to say thanks for all the small, seemingly insignificant things happening in our lives, we find that our lives become infinitely richer.

When we constantly look at things and say “I wish I had that” we’re taking away from what we do have. We’ll end up feeling deprived, unhappy that we don’t have enough. However, when we start saying thank you for all the things we do have, we feel like we have even more than we need. And when we start acknowledging all the great things we have, we invite even more greatness into our lives.

Sometimes I get so caught up in every day life that I forget to take some time out to express gratitude for things. But a habit can just as easily be formed as it can be broken. And after writing this blog post I feel more inspired than ever to get back into a consistent gratitude practice. So from today, I’m going to take some time out each day to give good vibes back out into the universe and say thank you for what matters.


Thank you.

More please ❀

G xxx

PS: I’d love to know what you’re feeling grateful for today, comment below!




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