Embracing Your Inner Rebel

Do you remember how, as a child, nothing would hold you back from having a good time? You would happily run through the sprinklers and play on the beach, not caring at all what your body looked like. You would stand up in front of friends and family, telling them all of your great ideas, not caring what any one thought of you or your plans for the world. And then one day, you started caring. You stopped dancing unabashedly, you stopped sharing your dreams with strangers, you stopped loving your body.

What I want to know is, WHY?

Why did we decide our bodies weren’t good enough? Why did we decide our ideas weren’t worth sharing? When did we decide that we had to hide our true selves in order for people to like us?

Honestly, I don’t have the answer to this. I think there are probably hundreds of reasons why we started changing our behaviour as we got older. But here’s a big one that I’ve really been thinking about lately: we don’t like ourselves because society tells us not to. Because if we don’t like how we look, we’re going to buy all the makeup and skinny jeans and gym memberships and green smoothies until maybe we do. If we don’t think our ideas are interesting enough we’re going to buy magazines and books and read blogs and listen to the news until we think maybe we are.

So in a world which tells you you can never be good enough, liking yourself is the ultimate form of rebellion.

Inside all of us is a rebel. Some people are naturally more rebellious than others. Some people question everything, some of us only question some things. Everyone is different, and that’s totally OK. But I think we all need to start awakening our inner rebel. She’s in there somewhere and she’s just dying to come out and play. Because WHY should any of us ever have to question if how we look or speak or think is good enough? Why should we ever have to feel uncomfortable or ashamed of our bodies? Why should we hold our tongues and keep our mouths shut because we’re afraid of what someone might think?

We are all so quick to point out what we believe to be wrong with ourselves. I’m not thin enough. I’m not funny enough. I’m not cool enough. The constant commentary of “I’m not enough” is a norm in female culture, and it’s BS. When you start liking (or dare I say loving) who you are you start swimming upstream. You buck the trend. You REBEL.

Being a rebel seems to have a negative connotation. But I’m asking you to think out the box here for a second and consider that rebellion can in fact be a good (and necessary) thing.  Because if the only purpose our self-hate serves is to keep us buying more and thinking less, then what purpose is it serving at all?

Rebellion needs to become a revolution. Let’s rebel against this idea of hating ourselves. Let’s rebel against needing things to make us feel better about ourselves. Let’s start talking about the things we love about ourselves. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to the models in magazines or the girls on Instagram. Let’s start believing in who we are and all that we have to offer the world.

It’s time to embrace our inner rebel. It’s time to start loving ourselves ❀


Are you ready to join the rebellion beautiful?

G xxx




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